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Is patience always a virtue?

So, I’ve been wondering how long I’m going to be able to wait to get started on this beekeeping thing. From what I’ve been reading, you want to start a new hive in the spring, maybe April or May, to give the bees time to build up a strong population before their first winter. Since we’ll be moving into a new house in a month or so, I had figured I’d wait until next spring to actually start a hive. That’d give me time to get settled into the new place, figure out the best spot for the hives, thoroughly research everything I’ll need, etc.

But knowing myself and my lack of patience, I don’t know if I’ll want to wait that long! Suppliers apparently often run out of bees, though, so if you don’t order your bees early (with some suggestions that even November isn’t too early to order for delivery the following spring), you may not get any.

I’ve gotten in touch with a few beekeepers in the area, and they’ve already offered some helpful advice. Also, while not right next door, there are a couple of bee clubs in the area (,, and there are several beginner beekeeping classes happening in the next couple of months. I’m definitely going to try to attend at least one of those classes–though the timing may be a bit awkward with the upcoming move. Cornell even offers a Master Beekeeper program like their Master Gardener. How cool.

Anyway, I think I (and others) have talked myself into not waiting. I tend to over-think and over-research when I start something new or buy something new, so I think I’ll just go ahead and dive in this time. So, assuming it’s not too late to obtain bees, I’ll have a hive or two in the spring!

P.S. I really need to figure out how to get threaded comments on here. Driving me nuts.

2 thoughts on “Is patience always a virtue?

  1. Mel

    I have to say that “catskillbees” must seem really weird to some people. I grew up not too far from there, and it still sounds like a weird website.

    I share your impatience and over-thinking/doing. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad.

    What is around that would be the nectar source for your bees?

    1. astevens16 Post author

      Haha! Took me a minute to figure out why that site’s URL would be weird to some people. 🙂

      Since we haven’t yet moved in to our new place, I’m not sure exactly what will be around. I know there are a bunch of perennials around the house itself. But the house is out in the middle of nowhere with lots of land around, so I’m guessing there’ll be something yummy for them. Don’t know for sure, though. I’m planning on eventually putting in my own fruit trees and berries, but it’ll be a few years until they’re ready for the bees.

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